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POLY1 Synth

  • POLY1 Synth
  • POLY1 Synth
  • POLY1 Synth
  • POLY1 Synth
  • POLY1 Synth

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The POLY1 is a fully analog, "dirty" 22 note polyphonic square wave synthesizer with built-in distortion.

  • One-off, custom circuits on perforated board
  • Handmade, painted wood+plastic piano key overlays
  • Built-in amplifier, speaker, and line-out jack
  • Powered by 9v battery or guitar pedal AC adapter
  • Cigar box enclosure

See it in action here.

External controls: 22 keys, distortion switch, volume knob + on/off switch
Internal controls: 22 trim potentiometers for tuning notes
Dimensions: 9"x6"x2.5"
IC Chips: CD40106, LM7805, LM386
Input/output: 9v power jack, 1/4" mono audio out

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