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OKAY Synth DIY Kit

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  • OKAY Synth DIY Kit
  • OKAY Synth DIY Kit
  • OKAY Synth DIY Kit
  • OKAY Synth DIY Kit

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This is the DIY Kit of the OKAY Synth. It comes in two varieties:

  • BYOP (Bring Your Own Printer): Just the PCBs and electronics components. You'll need to print the 3D models yourself.
  • Complete: Everything included, no 3D-printing required. Just solder the PCBs and assemble!

Soldering and basic tools (like screwdrivers, wire cutters, ruler, etc) required for both kits. A printed assembly guide with detailed instructions, circuit schematics, helpful tips, and experiment suggestions will come included. Great for learning and hacking!!

For the BYOP Kit, the 3D model STL files are available on Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory.

More about the OKAY

  • Monophonic with high note priority
  • Custom PCBs and 3D-printed hardware, all designed by yours truly
  • Six selectable octaves and one octave of keys
  • Satisfying "clicky" tactile switches
  • Built-in amplifier and speaker
  • 9v battery required, not included

Version: 1.1.2

See it in action here, here, and here. And read all about it here.

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A note on lead time: depending on the queue and available inventory, this item may take up to two weeks to assemble and ship. Please contact me beforehand if you need a more definite time estimate.