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Waltron Prototype

  • Waltron Prototype
  • Waltron Prototype

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It's important not to confuse stepping-stones with destinations, but that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate incremental progress.

With that in mind, here's an incredibly polished but ultimately not-quite-right Waltron prototype unit.

  • 3D printed, Game Boy inspired snap-fit enclosure
  • Soldered PCB kit with upgraded buttons and switch

(If you're wondering why it's a prototype and not a finished product, it's down to User Experience: the "portrait" orientation looks nice but isn't actually easy to hold and use at the same time!)

Book recommended but not included.

Controls: internal volume potentiometer, photoresistors, buttons, on/off switch
Dimensions: 2.3"W x 3.8"L x 1"D