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Waltron Kit

  • Waltron Kit
  • Waltron Kit

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Waltron was a one-off gift for a departing colleague, and now it can be yours too!

It's a noisemaker machine consisting of two light-sensitive oscillators and an amplifier. One oscillator has a slower "beat" rhythm; the other is in a faster "pitch" range. Together, they combine to crudely mimic the cadence and intonation of speech. (Think: R2D2!)

This kit comes with a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), required components, and printed instructions. 9v battery not included.

Soldering and assembly time is 30min-1hr.

Controls: volume potentiometer, photoresistors, buttons
Dimensions: 2.13" x 1.75"
IC Chips: LM4049N, LM386