Image of Relay Metronome

Relay Metronome


Inspired by the steady clicky-clack of MUNI train signals, this metronome's sound is entirely acoustic and composed of two partially disassembled electric relays synced to respective programmable eight-step sequencers.

Think of it like flamenco hand clapping but with electromagnets!

  • One-off, custom circuits on perforated board
  • Piezo pickup line-out jack
  • Rhythm is programmed with internal switches
  • Powered by 9v battery or guitar pedal AC adapter
  • Craft box enclosure with metal grill over relays

See it in action here.

External controls: on/off switch, tempo slider
Internal controls: rhythm switches
Dimensions: 4.5"x3"x2"
IC Chips: LM555, CD4017
Input/output: 9v power jack, 1/8" mono audio output

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