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OKAY 2 Synth

  • OKAY 2 Synth
  • OKAY 2 Synth
  • OKAY 2 Synth
  • OKAY 2 Synth
  • OKAY 2 Synth

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Oh, nothing fancy, just an analog square wave synthesizer -- That's OKAY... 2!

This is like the original OKAY but sports two octaves of keys and an 1/4" audio out jack.

  • Monophonic with high note priority
  • Custom PCBs and 3D-printed hardware, all designed by yours truly
  • Six selectable octaves and one two octave of keys
  • Satisfying "clicky" tactile switches
  • Built-in amplifier, speaker, and 1/4" audio out jack
  • Soldered, assembled, tuned, and ready to go!

Version: 2.1.2

External controls: 25 keys, octave selector, volume knob + on/off switch
Internal controls: 25 trim potentiometers for tuning notes
Dimensions: 9.25"x 4.75" x 2.2"
IC Chips: LM555, CD4040, LM386
Input/output: 1/4" audio out

See it in action here, and read about it here.

Visit to customize your design. Also available as a DIY Kit.

A note on lead time: items are made to order and typically ship within one business week. Please contact me beforehand if you need a more definite time estimate.